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     TNS Construction has over 20 years in residential and commercial experience and  provides outstanding customer service to each and every client whether large or small.  Here in Hawaii, we specialize in custom residential homes, commercial projects, and Metal Buildings; properly licensed, insured and bonded for everyones protection and guarantee.  

We as General Contractors have an obligation to be responsive, decisive, and supportive in any and all of our clients immediate needs.  Time is always of the essence and we invite anyone looking to build to come and enjoy a healthy relationship with our network of professionals.  The end result is a superior product that fascinates each and every owner with the benefit of affordability.   Building your home, office, or investment will never exceed your anticipated budgets with proper planning and professional insight.  This is what we proudly offer to each and every one of our clients.  For many, that one project will be the largest single investment he or she will make within their lifetime.   We offer a complete Homeowners Manual for every client after completion of our Customer / Contractor walkthrough and final acceptance for occupancy.  This covers all warranted products and services with all the needed information available in one complete package. 

Do some research, ask for references, and it is always worth that little time to see a job or two in progress.  See what the conditions are like, inspect the quality of products, and  workmanship that your money will be buying. 

Be prepared, do background and license checks, ask educated questions and note the responses and reactions to difficult questions;  this may be a sign of an unqualified or unlicensed individual.    Understand and note the safety and liability risks that you may be exposed to.  These steps are beneficial in selecting the right Contractor for your project. 

     TNS Construction offers drafting services and home/project planning (design build) services to design any project from start to finish.  Please contact us for more information.



All Major Credit Cards Accepted for any project!